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Put CB First!

Robin Schick for Mayor 2020

Recovering our tourist-based economy and staying healthy are the most important priorities in our community today, and so we need to keep the town looking its very best this summer.  I echo the concerns I hear from citizens for beautification in Colonial Beach. In keeping with that concept, I am delaying distributing typical “Robin Schick for Mayor” campaign yard signs until late summer.  

I understand and appreciate the importance of showing your support for a candidate. As “Robin Schick for Mayor,” I hope you will support me now by signing up ahead of time to receive my yard sign and support me again in November with your vote. Why? Because I always put CB First!

Please go to CB First - Yard Sign on Sign-up Genius to authorize a “Robin Schick for Mayor” yard sign to be placed at your home and stay tuned for exciting unveiling event details.  Thank you!


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