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Thoughts, Ideas, and Solutions

We have many things to look forward to here in Colonial Beach—things that, together, we have been diligently working towards and are just on the brink of accomplishing. 


Working with local, regional, state, and national partners, we can follow through with collaborative initiatives that give our town the financial support it needs to succeed! 


We have received multiple grants through these endeavors in just the past two years under this current Town Council and have been successful in moving projects to completion, such as the new plaza at the Boardwalk and the Torrey Smith Park. 


In January of my first year, I implemented an annual prioritization public meeting. As a council, we now assess the whole of our town needs, evaluate opportunities forthcoming, and make goals into action items, such as the listing of boardwalk property downtown for development.  With the help of local, regional, state, and national partners, we can achieve our prioritized goals without raising taxes.  I believe Colonial Beach is a community that can be both family-friendly and retirement suited, and I focus on projects that provide for the needs across the board. 


I have a planning background, trained by the US State Department in Community Design and Management and the VA Tech Planning Extension Program, and will lead through our Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvement Plan. Better results come from citizen consensus, not a singular agenda.  I am dedicated to fiscal responsibility, going line item by line item through the town and school budgets to find savings, and have a track record for tackling the big challenges responsibly.

I want to move Colonial Beach forward with the following initiatives top of mind:

  • Revitalizing Colonial Avenue and Downtown

  • Responding to citizen concerns, actively listening to citizen input, & improving communication from the Town to the Community

  • Developing a comprehensive stormwater management plan from our new GIS mapping

  • Working as a team with fellow Town Council members in shared efforts

  • Achieving Historical District designation to incentivize preservation

  • Supporting our School and instilling Drifter Pride among the community at large

  • Formally adopting and implementing the 2020 updated Comprehensive Plan

  • Attracting and supporting localized and unique small businesses

  • Developing and implementing a plan to extend infrastructure to the remaining undeveloped land

  • Funding a Parks and Recreation Department along with build-out of a park in the Bluff Point Region


Fiscal Management and a Responsible Budget

GIS Mapping, Topography and Technician Hire

Resiliency Adaptation Planning Strategy for storm water and coastal management

Torrey Smith Rec Park

School Capital Improvement Fund

Property Development listing for Downtown Vacant Land

Historical Preservation Survey

Beach Enhancements & Signage

Boardwalk Improvements & Statues Installed

New Town Event Permit Process

Increased Zoning & Blight Enforcement

New Sign, Parking, & Landscape Ordinances Approved

$1 MILLION in Successful Grants!

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