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Let's talk transparently

You want to know where I stand and what I think, I put it in writing - exactly so it would be public. I email across to all council members because I want them to know my position and because I want their input. I don't play politics, I simply do what I say I'm going to do. I have helped with countless projects in this town, for nothing more than to be a part of changing it for the better. As a council member, you are paid $135.52 a month, it doesn't even pay for the ink used.

I am owed nothing; I volunteer myself over and over again. The renderings/art/designs for Torrey Smith Rec Park, free, initiating the community garden, free, the research and presentation on town owned vacant land and the boardwalk, deed searches, site plans, murals, events, the historical designation, the resiliency action plan, the school budget history, the town map in the Chamber guide book, the HGTV video, tourism promotion, alongside many other volunteers in this town, for free. I have always worked hard and I work hard for this town, and I do so openly, with action, not just words. This town is being divided by a small group for a national political platform and we are better than that.

My colors are black and gold for a reason.

I leave politics at the door for this town, I listen to everyone and refuse to be beholden to Reel News or any other interest group, I am very clear about that and always have been. I respond to citizens, meet with them, listen to every complaint you can imagine.

I will always put Colonial Beach FIRST, and that's what this campaign is all about. Our little town, the people who work hard for it, the generations that pass it on, the beauty it holds for us all to enjoy. I am an independent candidate because local is what matters. I will not run on the coattails of a national party, I will neither praise nor degrade any person’s viewpoints either.

Unity is what this town needs or we will never make it, we cannot be infected with divisive rhetoric or scared by noise. We will work hand in hand with one another as we have always done to accomplish great things and this example will be set by our town council as it has been by our dedicated townspeople. That is what I was taught by this village that raised me and I will stand up for it time and time again. #CBFIRST


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